Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bullet Journaling and why you should do it

Over the years I have use many different types of resources to keep myself organized. Bullet journaling assists in organization, but does so much more. The idea of bullet journaling is to use grid style paper - taking us back to those days of charting plots in Geometry - and a free flowing style.

Why should you ditch the calendar and start Bullet Journaling? Simple: your life isn't a calendar. One day your bullet journal may be  a list of "to do" and the next it may be filled with designs for a new dress. The blank slate is to help you live your life - just in a more organized manner - and flows with your day to day activities. You're in full control of your journal, making this a successful tool for everyone to use.

To get started you will need:

If you will be using this as your day to day journal, I suggest you make an index page for the month  or the week listing an existing appointments. Then use the subsequent pages to fill out those days.  Use banners and other designs to enhance the pages. Washi tape or the smaller post it notes organize the pages by color or design to make sections - such as Dr appointments or work out journal - easy to find a flip through and a book mark is used to keep your spot within the journal for your daily ideas.

What makes Bullet journal successful is consistent use of the journal. The best way to ensure this is having the journal out on display. Whether your purchase a book stand or just leave the journal out on your coffee table, having the journal visible will guarantee that your journal will be used.  21 days of straight use forms a habit. Once you start using your journal daily, this is something you will not want to give up.

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